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Insurance can be complex. Sure, you can click ‘pay’ on that generic policy you found online, but it’s hard to truly understand the ins and outs of your cover hidden in those complicated clauses… until it’s claim time.

If (and when!) that day comes, you want to be sure you have the policy perfect for your business, or personal assets — not a cookie-cutter policy.
CBN’s trusted network of Brokers deliver insurance based on advice, not hope, to businesses around Australia. And it’s our network of passionate, informed Brokers who make this mission possible.

For insurance based on reliable human advice, not hope, CBN’s iNeedCover has got your back.
The perks of choosing a CBN Authorised Broker
They get you.
Your small business is your pride and joy, and also your livelihood, so it’s safe to say it’s pretty high up in your list of priorities. That’s why CBN Authorised Brokers take your insurance – and your future – seriously. They’ll spend time learning about your goals, your appetite for risk, the intricacies of your business and get the lay of the land before providing professional advice and a quality, tailor-made insurance solution right for you. Once they do, you’ve got ongoing support from your Broker whenever you need it. They’ll continue to make recommendations to optimise your coverage down the track as your business evolves.
They’re all about you.
One of the core benefits of working with a CBN Authorised Broker is that they work for you, not the insurance company. This means they can focus on tailoring cover for what you need, not a cut-and-paste, run-of-the-mill policy.

With a CBN Authorised Broker, you can be certain you’re getting direct access to an expert who has your best interests at heart with every piece of professional advice they give. And when it comes time to claim, your Broker will take the lead, negotiating with insurers on your behalf – using their industry expertise to get you the best possible outcome. After all, that’s why we buy insurance!
They’re connected.
CBN Brokers are at the top of their game, with access to upwards of 300 insurance markets, most not available to the general public. They’re not limited to a few providers like what you find on Google, so when they say they can find a solution that is truly suited just for your needs, they mean it. CBN is connected with market-leading Australian insurers, underwriting agencies, and major international insurance markets, strengthened further through our partnership with Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network, Steadfast.
They know their stuff.
At CBN, our Authorised Brokers are 900-strong and at the top of their game. Whether your business is handmade jewellery, coffee beans or sheep-shearing, there’s a CBN Broker who understands the quirks, perks and day-to-day realities of running a business in your field. This means they can pick out the right product for you, offering high-quality professional insurance advice while working on tailor-made solutions for you and your business.
They’re raising the bar.
To ensure you receive the best insurance outcomes, CBN Brokers are at the cutting edge of knowledge when it comes to emerging risks and changes in the insurance industry. CBN Authorised Brokers receive ongoing professional development. This might come through our very own CBN Academy or in partnership with top-tier providers. Either way, it means there’s nothing in the insurance world that CBN Authorised Brokers don’t know about.
They’re keeping their clients happy.
There’s a lot of value when it comes to using a Broker, especially when compared to trying to sort out insurance on your own. Each year, the insurance ndustry fields tens of thousands of formal complaints In comparison? CBN’s customers are overwhelmingly delighted with the service delivered by our professional insurance brokers.*
Take the first step: iNeedCover
We know that using an Insurance Broker for the first time – or breaking up with your old one – can be daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be. The first step on the journey is talking to an insurance expert. And not just any old insurance expert, but one who understands your unique business risks and opportunities, and can tailor a policy specifically for you. To make this a reality, CBN’s iNeedCover helps you discover key risk exposures and connect with the perfect CBN Broker for your business.

You’ll be paired with an expert who has experience in your industry and can provide you with quality, tailor-made insurance based on advice, not hope.
Find a Broker
Find a Broker
How to get started with CBN’s iNeedCover
Once you’ve paired up with a Broker who’s the perfect fit for your business, it’s time to prepare your tailor-made insurance solution policy. Take a peek under the hood to find out more.
Explore iNeedCover
Explore iNeedCover
1. Insurance strategy & placement
During this time, your Broker will learn all about you and your business and find the most appropriate policies for you. Next, they’ll present a detailed report and professional insurance recommendations, before working with you to set up your insurance. This can include:
Site survey/s, review of existing programs and risk information
Confirmation of cover and policy summaries
Issuing debit notes
Timely settlement of the insurance premium
Review and delivery of the original policies
Premium funding services if required.
2. Ongoing support
Your business doesn’t stand still, nor should your insurance! Once your policy is in place, your Broker will stay in touch, offering advice and support for insurance matters. This can include:
Updated policies and recommendations should your situation evolve
Premium adjustments and issuing certificates of insurance
Regular meetings to review issues/updates
An up-to-date summary of all outstanding issues, activities and projects
Advice on new and emerging risks related to your business
Analysis of contracts and implications for your insurances.
3. Claims management
When you’re claiming on your insurance, you’ll have an expert in your corner. Your Broker will take the lead to achieve the best possible outcome, so you can focus on your business. Your Broker will provide:
Up-to-date claims statistics
Analysis of claims frequency, severity, causes and trends
Notification of claims to relevant insurers
Assistance in negotiating with underwriters and third parties to obtain the best possible settlement outcome for you following a claim
Formal review of underwriters and loss adjusters.
Find your Broker
Find your Broker